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Linda Campion

Debbie Blue

Certified End of Life Doulas

What is an End of Life Doula?

An End of Life Doula, sometimes known as a Death Doula, is someone specially trained to assist families preparing to say goodbye to a loved one. Many people don't understand that when one person gets a terminal diagnosis the the entire family is involved in the fight.

I understand that one of the single hardest things someone can do in life, is prepare for the end of it. I offer guidance and support for Christian families preparing to lose a loved one. Be it a parent, sibling, grandparent, child, or anyone else important to you. I am here to help those preparing for their loved one to return home to Our Father.  

It doesn't matter if you need someone to help you find out about the burial process, decide on a funeral home, or simply need someone to pray with you over the phone for strength, I want to be there to help you.

About Us

Linda Campion
Hi, my name is Linda Campion.  I have led the Grief Ministry at my church for 17 years. I was called to this ministry as a result of my own pain, having had to say goodbye to two husbands, both of my brothers, and both of my parents. I have lost loved ones suddenly from heart attacks and drug overdoses, and slowly from cancer.  I have been blessed to be able to help hundreds of people with the pain of losing loved ones. I believe that helping people through Grief is the reason that God gave me breath. When I lost my first husband from cancer my kids were only 5 and 11. I was a young Mom and the pain from watching him waste away was not like anything I could even imagine. I was his care giver and I was overwhelmed. Through Almost Home, I want to be able to help Christian families navigate through this pain.

I know how hard this is, and my heart truly aches for you. I want to be there to help you.

Debbie Blue
My name is Debbie Blue.  I have a heart to encourage people with God’s help who are losing their love one to death by being there for your loved one, and your family.  I currently am a leader in GriefShare in my church  and have been doing it for years.  I have lost my husband, father and mother.  My husband died at home and I was able to experience the process of death.  I want to help others by ministering them through the death process and give them comfort in the transition to going home.


This is a process that is difficult but with God’s help I am hoping to make a difference in how you view the process of death.


In Christ’s love,

Debra Blue


The next question that people usually ask me, is "How much does this cost?" The answer to that, is simple. Nothing. I do not charge any money for my ministry. I accept donations to cover my costs, but that is neither required nor expected in order for me to help you. I am not doing this to make money. I am doing this because I was called to do it by God, and I want to help people.

If you want to offer a donation which at this point is still not tax deductible, I will graciously accept, but do not under any circumstances feel required to do so. 

Contact Information

Phone Numbers:
Linda: ‪623-878-1709
Debbie: 623-297-4827